Bar Identity

Clementine is an intimate cocktail bar in Edmonton’s Oliver neighbourhood. In keeping with the overall design strategy to create a unique and modern interpretation of French Art Nouveau, we developed a suite of three custom logomarks: a wordmark, a monogram, and a clementine tree. All three elements are inspired by the ‘Golden Age’ of book cover art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, characterized by a proliferation of intricate botanical motifs. 

Clean, classic, but still distinguished by its organic shapes, our hand-lettered wordmark is designed to stand out in both environmental and digital applications. 

The tree and the C monogram mark are custom illustrations of the clementine plant, a motif that appears in many aspects of the interior design. The portrait format of the monogram is well suited to the business card design and the carved wooden shop sign, while the tree mark is implemented on the foil embossed and handbound menu covers, as well as the gilded and painted window signage.