Joshua Kupsch

Designer & Project Manager

As a designer and project manager, you’ll discover that Joshua is heavily engaged in the entire process—from concept meeting to occupancy, he enjoys being on-site solving challenges with the contractors and trades, and finding solutions that will have the most design impact at low costs. It’s not unusual to see him working hands-on, building feature pieces or adding finishing details.

Joshua initially trained as a Technologist for Landscape Architecture at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and further developed his design training and education at Leeds Beckett University in England with a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Master of Arts in the fields of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.

Before founding Land Faculty, Joshua worked as a landscape/urban designer in the private and public sector, on a wide range of projects from single-family residential to major public infrastructure. Prior to pursuing design, he trained as a cook, and worked multiple roles in the hospitality industry. Joshua has over 10 years of experience in both the design and hospitality industries, which brings a tremendous amount of value to our restaurant and bar projects.

He served as the chair of Media Architecture Design Edmonton for 2013 & 2014, was a founding partner of the Designing Downtown event, a member of the steering committee for the Edmonton Urban Design Awards in 2013, and was the Design Representative on the Edmonton Public Art Committee from 2013-2019.


Hannah Braun

Designer & Creative Director

Hannah is a graphic designer and creative director who loves bringing two-dimensional designs to life in physical environments, print, and product packaging. Her work is rooted in art & design history, and she often finds hidden gems from the past to inspire modern projects. Hannah is passionate about typography and creating custom lettering for logomarks, and is always on the hunt for new favourite fonts.

Prior to studying Visual Communication Design, Fine Art, and Art History at the University of Alberta, Hannah was an English Honours student at MacEwan University. The years she spent there reading, writing, and researching have shaped her subsequent practices—she believes that design can be a powerful tool for communication, and takes into consideration the cultural messages of different styles & aesthetics.

Outside of her work with Land Faculty, Hannah enjoys collaborating with friends on local fashion, photography, film, and literary projects.

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We seek designers with varied backgrounds, a high attention to detail, unconventional aesthetic tendencies, and an ability to work in both a collaborative and self-guided environment.